What Are Markers in Video Editing?

Video editing is an essential part of the film-making process. It involves taking raw footage and transforming it into a polished, cohesive final product.

One tool that video editors rely on heavily is markers. In this article, we will explore what markers are in video editing and how they can be used to enhance your workflow.

What Are Markers?

Markers are a way to annotate your timeline in video editing software. They allow you to add notes, comments, and visual cues to specific points in your footage. You can think of them as digital post-it notes that help you keep track of important information.

Types of Markers

There are several types of markers you can use in video editing:

  • Standard Markers: These are the most basic type of marker. They allow you to add a note or comment to a specific point in your timeline.
  • Cue Markers: These markers are used to indicate the start of a new scene or shot.
  • Chapter Markers: Chapter markers are used when creating DVDs or Blu-rays. They allow viewers to skip to specific chapters within the video.
  • Comment Markers: These markers are used for collaboration between multiple editors or for keeping track of changes made during the editing process.

How to Use Markers

To add a marker in most video editing software, simply navigate to the point in your timeline where you want to add a marker and press the appropriate key on your keyboard (usually “M”). A marker will then appear at that point, and you can add any necessary notes or comments.

Markers can be moved, deleted, or edited at any time during the editing process. This allows you to refine your notes and comments as you work.

Benefits of Using Markers

Markers can be a powerful tool in video editing. Here are some benefits of using markers in your workflow:

  • Organization: Markers allow you to keep track of important information, making it easier to stay organized throughout the editing process.
  • Collaboration: Comment markers can be used for collaboration between multiple editors, allowing everyone to stay on the same page.
  • Efficiency: By using markers to flag important points in your timeline, you can save time by quickly jumping to those points instead of manually searching for them.


In conclusion, markers are an essential tool for any video editor. They allow you to annotate your footage, keep track of important information, and collaborate with others. By incorporating markers into your workflow, you can streamline your editing process and create a polished final product.