What Are in and Out Points Video Editing?

Video editing is a crucial part of video production. It involves the process of selecting, arranging, and manipulating video footage to create a final product that effectively communicates a message or tells a story. In this process, editors use various techniques and tools to enhance the visual appeal of the footage.

One such tool is the use of in and out points. In this article, we will explore what in and out points are, how they are used in video editing, and their significance in creating compelling videos.

What Are In and Out Points?

In simple terms, in and out points refer to specific points within a video clip that mark the beginning (in point) and end (out point) of a selected segment. These two markers are used to identify the exact portion of footage that an editor wants to include in their final product.

Using these markers allows editors to select specific portions of footage from longer clips or even multiple clips and arrange them in an order that makes sense for their project. This technique is especially useful when working with raw footage where there may be long pauses or moments that are not relevant to the final product.

How Are In and Out Points Used in Video Editing?

In and out points are typically used during the editing process when selecting clips for a sequence. An editor can set an in point at the beginning of a clip they want to include and an out point at the end.

Once both markers have been set, only the selected portion between them will be included in the final sequence. The editor can then repeat this process for other clips they want to include until they have compiled all necessary segments for their project.

The Importance of In and Out Points

The use of in and out points is essential for creating compelling videos because it allows editors to fine-tune their selections by highlighting only relevant portions from longer clips. This technique saves time during the editing process and ensures that the final product is concise, engaging, and to the point.

Moreover, using these markers reduces the chances of errors in selecting footage during the editing process. When dealing with large amounts of raw footage, it’s easy to forget which parts of a clip were relevant to your project. In and out points eliminate this possibility by providing a clear indication of what should be included in the final sequence.


In conclusion, in and out points are valuable tools that help video editors select specific portions of footage for their projects. They are essential for creating compelling videos because they allow for precise editing and ensure that only relevant content is included in the final product.

As a video editor, mastering the use of in and out points is crucial to improving your editing skills and creating engaging videos that captivate your audience.