What Are Dailies in Video Editing?

Are you an aspiring video editor or a seasoned professional looking to up your game? Then you might have come across the term “dailies” in your work. In this article, we will explore what dailies are and their importance in the video editing process.

What Are Dailies?

Dailies are rough, unedited footage shot by the camera crew during production. They usually consist of every shot taken on a particular day and are used as an initial reference by the editors. Dailies can be delivered to the editor in various formats such as tapes, digital files, or even hard drives.

Why Are They Called Dailies?

The term “dailies” comes from the fact that these rough cuts of footage were traditionally viewed by the director and producers on a daily basis during filming to keep track of what was being captured on camera.

The Role of Dailies in Video Editing

Dailies play a crucial role in video editing as they provide the editors with an opportunity to get familiarized with all the available footage before they start working on it. It helps them understand how each shot was taken and how it can be incorporated into the final cut.

Here are some key benefits of using dailies in video editing:

1. Saves Time

By reviewing dailies, editors can quickly identify unusable footage, such as out-of-focus shots or those with technical issues like lighting problems or sound glitches. This helps them save time by not having to work with unusable footage and only focusing on what’s relevant.

2. Better Organization

Dailies help editors organize their footage into different categories based on various factors such as scene location, actors involved, camera angles used, etc. This makes it easy for them to search for specific shots when needed.

3. Allows for Creative Exploration

Dailies provide editors with more creative freedom as they can experiment with different shots and angles to achieve the desired result. This helps in creating a more engaging and visually appealing final product.

4. Collaboration

Dailies are not just helpful for the editor, but also for the rest of the production team. By reviewing dailies, everyone involved can understand how the footage is shaping up and provide feedback on what can be improved.


In conclusion, dailies are an essential part of the video editing process. They help editors save time, organize their footage better, explore creative options, and collaborate with their team members effectively.

So if you’re a video editor or a filmmaker looking to create a high-quality final product, make sure to pay close attention to your dailies!