What Apple Laptop Should I Get for Video Editing?

What Apple Laptop Should I Get for Video Editing?

When it comes to video editing, having a powerful and reliable laptop is crucial. Apple laptops are known for their superior performance and exceptional features that make them popular among video editors.

However, with various models available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. In this guide, we will explore some of the best Apple laptops for video editing, taking into consideration key factors such as processing power, graphics capabilities, storage options, and display quality.

MacBook Pro

If you are a professional video editor who demands top-notch performance and versatility, the MacBook Pro is an excellent choice. With its powerful processors and ample RAM options, it can handle even the most demanding video editing tasks with ease.

  • Processing Power: The MacBook Pro is equipped with Intel Core i7 or i9 processors that deliver lightning-fast performance. These processors have multiple cores and high clock speeds that significantly reduce rendering and export times.
  • Graphics Capabilities: The MacBook Pro comes with dedicated graphics cards from AMD or NVIDIA that offer excellent graphics rendering capabilities.

    This ensures smooth playback of high-resolution videos and real-time editing without any lag.

  • Storage Options: Depending on your budget and storage needs, you can choose between solid-state drives (SSD) or hybrid drives (fusion drives). SSDs provide faster data transfer speeds and quicker access to files.
  • Display Quality: The MacBook Pro features Retina displays with high pixel densities that offer stunning visuals. The color accuracy and brightness levels are exceptional, making it easier to work on color grading and visual effects.

MacBook Air

If you are an aspiring video editor or work on lighter video editing projects, the MacBook Air can be a suitable option. It is more affordable compared to the MacBook Pro and offers decent performance for basic editing tasks.

  • Processing Power: The MacBook Air is equipped with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors that provide satisfactory performance for light to moderate video editing. However, it may struggle with resource-intensive tasks and larger video files.
  • Graphics Capabilities: The integrated graphics on the MacBook Air are not as powerful as those found in the MacBook Pro.

    While it can handle basic video editing, complex effects and high-resolution videos may cause performance issues.

  • Storage Options: Similar to the MacBook Pro, you can choose between SSDs and fusion drives for storage. However, keep in mind that the storage capacity options might be limited compared to the MacBook Pro.
  • Display Quality: The MacBook Air features a Retina display that offers sharp and vibrant visuals. Although it may not have the same color accuracy and brightness levels as the MacBook Pro, it still provides a pleasant viewing experience.


If portability is not a concern and you prefer a desktop setup for video editing, then the iMac is worth considering. With its larger screen size and powerful hardware components, it provides an immersive video editing experience.

  • Processing Power: The iMac offers various processor options ranging from Intel Core i5 to powerful Intel Xeon processors. These processors provide exceptional performance and are capable of handling heavy-duty video editing tasks effortlessly.
  • Graphics Capabilities: With dedicated AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards, the iMac excels in graphics-intensive tasks.

    The powerful GPU ensures smooth playback of high-resolution videos and real-time editing.

  • Storage Options: The iMac provides ample storage options, including SSDs and fusion drives. You can also connect external storage devices for additional space if needed.
  • Display Quality: The iMac boasts a stunning 5K Retina display that offers unparalleled color accuracy and sharpness. The large screen size provides ample workspace for video editing and allows for precise color grading.


Choosing the right Apple laptop for video editing depends on your specific requirements and budget. If you are a professional who demands top performance, the MacBook Pro is the ideal choice.

For casual or beginner video editors, the MacBook Air offers satisfactory performance at a more affordable price point. If you prefer a desktop setup, the iMac provides an immersive video editing experience with its larger screen size and powerful hardware components. Consider your needs, budget, and future growth before making a decision to ensure you get an Apple laptop that meets your video editing requirements.