Was There a Star Wars Rebels Movie?

If you’re a Star Wars fan, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the animated series, Star Wars Rebels. This show, which aired on Disney XD from 2014 to 2018, follows a group of rebels as they fight against the Empire in the years leading up to the original Star Wars trilogy. While the show was popular among fans, many have wondered if there was ever a Star Wars Rebels movie.

The Short Answer: No, there was never an official Star Wars Rebels movie.

However, that doesn’t mean that fans of the show haven’t been hoping for one. After all, other animated shows like The Clone Wars have received their own feature-length movies. So why hasn’t Rebels?

One reason may be that the creators of the show never intended for it to become a movie. In an interview with IGN in 2014, executive producer Dave Filoni said that while he was open to the idea of a movie, it wasn’t something he was actively working toward: “I’m not going out and pitching ‘Hey let’s do a giant feature movie’ because I know we’re not ready for that.”

Another factor may be that Lucasfilm is simply focusing on other projects at the moment. With new movies like The Rise of Skywalker and TV shows like The Mandalorian in production, it’s possible that there just isn’t enough time or resources to devote to a Rebels movie.

The Possibility of a Fan-Made Movie:

While there may not be an official Star Wars Rebels movie in the works, that doesn’t mean fans haven’t taken matters into their own hands. In recent years, there have been several fan-made films and series based on Rebels.

One example is Star Wars: Dark Legacy, a fan film released in 2017 that takes place after the events of Rebels. While this film isn’t officially part of the Star Wars canon (meaning it’s not considered part of the official storyline), it has received praise from fans for its faithful portrayal of the Rebels characters.

Another fan project is Star Wars: Rebels Recut, a series of videos that re-edits episodes of the show into feature-length films. While these videos aren’t official movies, they offer a unique way to experience the story of Rebels in a new format.


While there was never an official Star Wars Rebels movie, that doesn’t mean fans haven’t been hoping for one. As of now, it seems unlikely that we’ll ever see a big-screen adaptation of the show. However, with the rise of fan-made projects and the continued popularity of Rebels among Star Wars fans, there’s always a chance that we’ll see something new and exciting in the future.