Is Zephyrus G15 Good for Video Editing?

The Zephyrus G15 is a powerful laptop that has been gaining a lot of attention lately. It is known for its excellent gaming performance and high-end specifications.

But the question remains, is it good for video editing? Let’s take a closer look.


Before we dive into the details, let’s take a quick look at the specifications of the Zephyrus G15:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q graphics card
  • 15.6-inch Full HD display with 144Hz refresh rate
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB SSD storage

These specs are impressive and make the Zephyrus G15 a great choice for video editing. The Ryzen 9 processor is one of the best on the market and can handle intensive tasks with ease. The NVIDIA RTX 2060 Max-Q graphics card is also very powerful and can handle video rendering without any issues.


So, how does the Zephyrus G15 perform when it comes to video editing? In short, it performs exceptionally well. The combination of the Ryzen 9 processor and RTX 2060 Max-Q graphics card means that you can edit videos quickly and efficiently.

Rendering Times

One of the most important aspects of video editing is rendering times. This refers to how long it takes to export a finished video file. With the Zephyrus G15, you can expect fast rendering times thanks to its powerful components.

Display Quality

The display on the Zephyrus G15 is also worth mentioning. It has a Full HD resolution and a high refresh rate of 144Hz.

This makes it ideal for video editing as you can see all the details in your footage. The high refresh rate also means that there is less motion blur, which makes it easier to work with fast-moving footage.


Another factor to consider when choosing a laptop for video editing is portability. The Zephyrus G15 is a slim and lightweight laptop, which makes it easy to take with you on the go. This is great if you need to work on projects while traveling or if you like to switch up your workspace.


Overall, the Zephyrus G15 is an excellent choice for video editing. Its powerful components and high-quality display make it easy to edit and render videos quickly.

Plus, its portability means that you can work from anywhere. If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle intensive video editing tasks, then the Zephyrus G15 is definitely worth considering.