Is Wish Upon a Star a Disney Channel Movie?

If you grew up watching Disney Channel, you might remember a movie called “Wish Upon a Star.” But was it actually a Disney Channel movie? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Wish Upon a Star?

“Wish Upon a Star” is a 1996 teen comedy film directed by Blair Treu. The movie follows two sisters, Alexia and Hayley, who couldn’t be more different.

Alexia is the popular and beautiful older sister, while Hayley is the smart but awkward younger sister. When they accidentally make a wish on a shooting star to switch bodies, chaos ensues as they try to navigate each other’s lives.

Is Wish Upon a Star a Disney Channel Movie?

The short answer is no, “Wish Upon a Star” is not technically a Disney Channel movie. It was actually produced by Leucadia Film Corporation and released by Columbia TriStar Home Video. However, it did air on Disney Channel in the late ’90s and early 2000s as part of their movie lineup.

Why do people think it’s a Disney Channel Movie?

There are several reasons why people might associate “Wish Upon a Star” with Disney Channel. Firstly, it has that classic ’90s teen comedy vibe that many of the channel’s original movies had. It also stars several actors who were popular in the world of Disney at the time, including Katherine Heigl (who went on to star in “Grey’s Anatomy”) and Danielle Harris (who appeared in several Halloween movies).

Additionally, many people may have first discovered “Wish Upon a Star” through its airings on Disney Channel. The channel often aired movies that were not necessarily produced by them but fit with their family-friendly brand.


So while “Wish Upon a Star” isn’t technically a Disney Channel movie, it has become a beloved part of many people’s childhoods thanks to its airings on the channel. Whether you remember it as a Disney Channel movie or not, there’s no denying that “Wish Upon a Star” is a fun and nostalgic blast from the past.