Is Walking With Dinosaurs Movie Scary?

Walking with Dinosaurs is a popular animated movie that takes us back in time to the prehistoric world, where dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The movie has received mixed reviews from audiences, with some praising its stunning visuals and educational value, while others have criticized it for being too scary for younger viewers.

Is Walking with Dinosaurs Movie Scary?

The answer to this question largely depends on the age and temperament of the viewer. While Walking with Dinosaurs is certainly not a horror movie, it does contain some intense moments that may be too much for very young children. The movie features realistic depictions of predators hunting and attacking their prey, which may be frightening for some viewers.

That being said, the movie’s creators have taken steps to ensure that it is appropriate for a wide range of ages. The violence is never gratuitous or overly graphic, and there are plenty of lighter moments to balance out the more intense scenes. In fact, the movie’s main characters are two cute and lovable Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi and Juniper who go on an adventure together.

The Educational Value of Walking With Dinosaurs

One of the biggest draws of Walking with Dinosaurs is its educational value. The movie presents a wealth of information about dinosaurs and their behavior in an engaging and accessible way. From the way they hunted to how they cared for their young ones, there’s a lot to learn from this movie.

In addition to educating viewers about dinosaurs themselves, Walking with Dinosaurs also provides insight into broader scientific concepts such as evolution and extinction. The film makes learning fun by weaving facts seamlessly into its narrative.

  • The Visuals

One thing that everyone can agree on is that Walking with Dinosaurs is visually stunning. The animation is top-notch and incredibly realistic; you’ll feel like you’re really walking among these prehistoric creatures.


In conclusion, Walking with Dinosaurs is a movie that is both entertaining and educational. While it may be too intense for some younger viewers, it is generally appropriate for a wide range of ages. The movie’s stunning visuals and wealth of information make it a must-see for anyone interested in dinosaurs or science in general.