Is Vivo Movie Scary?

Are you curious whether Vivo movie is scary or not? Well, let’s find out.

What is Vivo Movie?

Vivo is a musical adventure film that tells the story of a kinkajou named Vivo who embarks on a journey from Havana to Miami to fulfill his late owner’s dream. The film features original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, and stars the voices of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ynairaly Simo, and Zoe Saldana.

Is Vivo Movie Scary?

No, Vivo movie is not scary. In fact, it is a heartwarming and uplifting film that celebrates love, friendship, and following your dreams. Although the movie addresses some serious themes such as loss, grief, and cultural identity, it presents them in a way that is accessible to audiences of all ages.

The Film’s Rating

Vivo has been rated PG for “some thematic elements and mild action.” This means that while there may be some scenes that might be too intense for very young children, overall the film is suitable for family viewing.

The Tone of the Film

The tone of Vivo movie is light-hearted and optimistic. The characters are endearing and relatable, which makes it easy for viewers to connect with them emotionally. The music adds an extra layer of joy and energy to the film and keeps audiences engaged throughout.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a family-friendly movie that will make you smile and tap your feet to catchy tunes, then Vivo movie is definitely worth watching. It’s an entertaining adventure full of heart and soul that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. So grab some popcorns and enjoy watching this amazing musical adventure!