Is There Gonna Be a Scary Movie 6?

Are you a fan of horror movies and wondering if there will be a Scary Movie 6? You’re not alone!

Fans all around the world have been eagerly waiting for the next installment of this popular parody movie series. Let’s dive into the details to see if there’s any news on whether or not Scary Movie 6 will happen.

The History of Scary Movie

Scary Movie is a comedy film series that parodies horror films, particularly slasher films. The first Scary Movie was released in 2000 and was an instant hit with audiences. It was followed by four sequels, with the last one, Scary Movie 5, released in 2013.

The Plot

Each Scary Movie film takes aim at popular horror movies and satirizes them in a hilarious way. The films are known for their over-the-top humor, slapstick comedy, and spoofing popular culture references.

Will There Be A Scary Movie 6?

As of now, there has been no official announcement about a sixth installment of the Scary Movie franchise. However, rumors have been circulating for years that another sequel may be in development.

In an interview with Collider in 2019, Marlon Wayans, who starred in the first two Scary Movies and co-wrote them with his brother Shawn Wayans, expressed interest in making another sequel. He said that he would love to do it if they could come up with something fresh and new to parody.

What’s Taking So Long?

One possible reason for the delay in making a sixth movie could be due to legal issues. In August 2020, it was reported that Dimension Films had lost the rights to the franchise due to bankruptcy issues. The rights have since been acquired by Lantern Entertainment LLC., but it’s unclear what their plans for the franchise are.

Another reason for the delay could be due to the changing landscape of the horror genre. With horror movies becoming more self-aware and meta, it may be difficult to satirize them in a way that feels fresh and original.


While there’s no official word on whether or not Scary Movie 6 will happen, fans can still hold out hope. With Marlon Wayans expressing interest in making another sequel, there’s a chance that we may see another Scary Movie in the future. Until then, we’ll just have to revisit the previous films and enjoy their hilarious parodies of our favorite horror movies.