Is There Going to Be a Star Wars Kenobi Movie?

There has been much speculation about the possibility of a Star Wars Kenobi movie. Fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting news on whether or not this project will actually come to fruition.

The Origin of Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi, portrayed by Sir Alec Guinness in the original trilogy and Ewan McGregor in the prequel trilogy, is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe. He was introduced as a wise and experienced Jedi Knight who served as a mentor to Luke Skywalker.

The Rumors

Rumors about a possible Kenobi movie started circulating after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012. Fans were thrilled at the prospect of seeing more of their favorite Jedi Knight on the big screen.

In August 2017, news broke that Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry was in talks to direct an Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone film. This was further fueled when Ewan McGregor himself expressed his interest in reprising his role as the iconic character.

However, since then, there has been no official confirmation from Disney or Lucasfilm regarding a Kenobi movie.

The Future

Despite the lack of official confirmation, rumors continue to circulate that a Kenobi movie is still in development. There have been reports that production could start as early as 2020, with Ewan McGregor set to return as Obi-Wan.

If this turns out to be true, it would be exciting news for fans who have been waiting for more stories from a galaxy far, far away. An Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone movie could provide insight into his life on Tatooine between Episode III and IV and explore how he became known as “Old Ben.”


In conclusion, while there is no official announcement about a Star Wars Kenobi movie yet, rumors persist that it is still in development. Fans will have to wait patiently for further news, but the possibility of seeing more of Obi-Wan Kenobi on the big screen is certainly exciting.