Is There Going to Be a Star Versus the Forces of Evil Movie?

If you’re a fan of the animated series Star Versus the Forces of Evil, you may be wondering whether there will be a movie adaptation of the beloved show. Let’s dive into everything we know so far.


Star Versus the Forces of Evil premiered on Disney Channel in 2015 and ran for four seasons, concluding in 2019. The show follows the adventures of Star Butterfly, a magical princess from another dimension who is sent to Earth for safety and befriended by Earth boy Marco Diaz. Together, they defend Earth and other dimensions from various villains.

The show has gained a dedicated following over the years due to its unique blend of humor, heart, and fantastical elements. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news about any future projects related to Star.

Rumors and Speculation

There have been rumors circulating about a possible Star Versus the Forces of Evil movie since as early as 2017. At that time, show creator Daron Nefcy hinted at the possibility during an interview with However, nothing concrete was announced at that time.

Since then, there have been occasional updates from cast and crew members that suggest a movie could still be in the works. In May 2020, voice actor Adam McArthur (who voices Marco Diaz) tweeted that he had just completed recording for “a super secret project” related to Star. This led many fans to speculate that it could be a movie.

However, there has been no official confirmation from Disney or any other sources about a Star Versus the Forces of Evil movie being in development.

What Could a Movie Be About?

Assuming that there is indeed a movie in development (which is still just speculation at this point), what could it potentially cover? The show’s finale wrapped up most major plot threads neatly, but there are still a few avenues that a movie could explore.

One possibility is that the movie could take place after the events of the show and follow Star, Marco, and their friends on a new adventure. Alternatively, it could be a prequel that explores Star’s life before she came to Earth.


At this point, there is no official confirmation that a Star Versus the Forces of Evil movie is in development. However, rumors and hints from cast and crew members suggest that it’s at least possible.

Fans will just have to wait patiently for any updates from Disney or other sources about the potential project. Until then, we can continue to enjoy rewatching old episodes and speculating about what a movie could hold.