Is There Another Movie After Star Trek Beyond?

With the release of Star Trek Beyond in 2016, fans of the sci-fi franchise were left wondering if there would be another movie in the series. While rumors and speculation have been circulating for years, there has been no official confirmation about a new Star Trek film.

So, is there another movie after Star Trek Beyond? Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far.

What Happened with Star Trek Beyond?

Star Trek Beyond was the third movie in the rebooted Star Trek film franchise. Directed by Justin Lin and starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana, among others, the film received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. However, it underperformed at the box office, grossing $343 million worldwide against a budget of $185 million.

Despite this disappointment, there was talk of a fourth movie in the works. In fact, it was announced in 2016 that Chris Hemsworth would be returning to reprise his role as George Kirk (the father of Chris Pine’s James T. Kirk) in the upcoming film.

What Happened to the Fourth Movie?

Unfortunately for fans hoping for another installment in the series, plans for the fourth movie hit some major roadblocks. In August 2018, it was reported that contract negotiations between stars Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth had fallen apart over salary disputes.

This led to uncertainty about whether or not a fourth movie would even happen. While there were reports that negotiations were ongoing throughout 2019 and into 2020, nothing concrete ever materialized.

What’s Next for Star Trek?

While things may seem uncertain when it comes to future Star Trek movies, there are still plenty of reasons for fans to be excited about what’s next for the franchise.

For starters, CBS All Access has been producing new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, both of which have been well-received by audiences. In addition, there are plans for a new animated series called Star Trek: Lower Decks, as well as a spinoff series centered around the character of Captain Pike from the original series.

The Bottom Line

So, is there another movie after Star Trek Beyond? As of now, it seems like the answer is no. While plans for a fourth movie were in the works at one point, contract disputes between key players put those plans on hold indefinitely.

However, there are still plenty of exciting things happening in the world of Star Trek. With new TV shows and spinoffs in development, fans can look forward to plenty of adventures in space for years to come.