Is There an App to Improve Video Quality?

Are you tired of looking at grainy, pixelated videos? Do you wish there was a way to improve the quality of your favorite videos?

Well, the good news is that there are apps out there that can help you do just that! In this article, we will take a look at some of the apps that can help you improve the video quality.

What causes poor video quality?

Before we dive into the apps, let’s first understand what causes poor video quality. There are several factors that can contribute to poor video quality, such as low resolution, compression artifacts, and shaky camera movements. Additionally, if you’re watching a video on a slow internet connection or an old device, it can also affect the overall quality of the video.

Apps to improve video quality

Now that we know what causes poor video quality, let’s take a look at some apps that can help improve it.

1. Video Enhancer – Video Quality Enhancer

Video Enhancer is an app that allows you to enhance your videos by adjusting various settings such as brightness, contrast, and saturation. It also has a noise reduction feature which helps reduce any graininess in your videos. With Video Enhancer, you can also upscale your videos to higher resolutions.

2. PowerDirector – Video Editor App

PowerDirector is primarily a video editing app but it also has features that allow you to enhance your videos. It has a color correction tool which allows you to adjust the colors in your videos and make them more vibrant. PowerDirector also has an AI-based feature called TrueTheater which enhances the overall quality of your videos by applying various filters and adjustments.

3. VLC for Mobile

VLC is a popular media player available on both desktop and mobile devices. The mobile version of VLC allows you to adjust various settings such as brightness, contrast, and saturation on your videos. It also has a feature called Deblocking which helps reduce any compression artifacts in your videos.


Improving the quality of your videos is not an impossible task. With the help of these apps, you can enhance the overall quality of your videos and make them look more professional.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these apps can only do so much. If the original video quality is too poor, even the best app won’t be able to salvage it completely. So, always try to shoot your videos in good lighting conditions and with a stable camera to get the best possible results!