Is There a Scary Tooth Fairy Movie?

The Tooth Fairy is a mythical character that has fascinated children for generations. This fairy is known for visiting children in the middle of the night to collect their lost baby teeth and leaving a small gift or money in exchange.

While this magical creature is beloved by many, it has also been the subject of horror movies and stories. So, is there a scary Tooth Fairy movie?

The answer is yes! There are several movies that feature a scary version of the Tooth Fairy. One such movie is “Darkness Falls,” which was released in 2003. This horror movie revolves around a woman named Matilda Dixon who was known as the Tooth Fairy in her town.

She would give gold coins to children in exchange for their lost teeth. However, when two children go missing after visiting her, she is accused of kidnapping them and is lynched by the townspeople. Before dying, she puts a curse on the town promising that she will return whenever anyone looks at her while she takes their teeth.

The movie “Darkness Falls” takes place years after Matilda Dixon’s death when another child goes missing and strange events start happening around town. The protagonist discovers that it’s all connected to the curse put on them by Matilda Dixon, who has returned as an evil spirit seeking revenge.

Another movie that features a scary version of the Tooth Fairy is “The Haunting of Helena,” which was released in 2012. This movie revolves around a mother and daughter who move into an old apartment building after separating from their husband/father. The daughter starts communicating with an imaginary friend who turns out to be a ghostly version of the Tooth Fairy who used to live in their apartment before dying.

As the story unfolds, it’s revealed that this ghostly Tooth Fairy needs human teeth to keep herself alive and young-looking. The daughter becomes her unwilling accomplice as she starts losing her baby teeth one by one.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of horror movies and want to watch a scary version of the Tooth Fairy, then movies like “Darkness Falls” and “The Haunting of Helena” are definitely worth checking out. However, if you’re not a fan of horror movies or easily scared, it’s best to stick to the traditional, friendly version of the Tooth Fairy that brings joy and excitement to children when they lose their teeth.