Is There a Scary Movie App?

Are you a horror movie fanatic looking for a quick fix on the go? Well, you might be wondering if there is a scary movie app that can quench your thirst for terror.

The good news is yes, there are several apps that offer a wide range of horror movies. Let’s dive into the world of horror movie apps and explore what’s available.


One of the most popular apps for horror enthusiasts is Shudder. This app offers a vast collection of classic and contemporary horror movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

You can stream all your favorite scary movies on-demand or download them to watch later offline. Shudder also has exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else.


  • Over 500 titles to choose from
  • New content added every week
  • Exclusive series and documentaries
  • Ad-free streaming experience
  • Available on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and more.


If you’re already subscribed to Hulu, then you’re in luck because it offers an extensive library of horror movies and TV shows. You can easily search for your favorite horror flicks or browse through curated collections.


  • Thousands of titles to choose from including classics and new releases.
  • Browse by genre or curated collections.
  • No ads with the premium subscription.
  • Available on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox One/360 and more.


TubiTV is another free streaming service that offers a wide range of horror movies from different eras. The app is completely free but contains ads that play during the movie.


  • Thousands of titles to choose from, including classic and modern horror.
  • Completely free, no subscription required.


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services globally and offers a wide range of horror movies. You can find a mix of classic horror movies and contemporary scary flicks.


  • A vast collection of scary movies to choose from.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a scare on the go or just want to binge-watch some horror movies at home, these apps have got you covered. Choose an app based on your preferences and enjoy a bone-chilling experience.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn and let the horror marathon begin!