Is the Sun Is Also a Star Movie Like the Book?

If you are a fan of the popular book “The Sun Is Also a Star” by Nicola Yoon, you may be wondering if the movie adaptation stays true to the novel. In this article, we will explore whether or not the “The Sun Is Also a Star” movie is like the book.

Plot Summary

First, let’s do a quick recap of the plot. The story follows Natasha and Daniel, two teenagers from very different backgrounds who meet and fall in love over the course of one day in New York City. Natasha is an undocumented immigrant from Jamaica who is facing deportation along with her family, while Daniel is a Korean-American who struggles to pursue his passion for poetry due to his strict parents’ expectations.

Book vs. Movie

Now, let’s dive into how well the movie adaptation captures the essence of the book.

Characters: The actors portraying Natasha (Yara Shahidi) and Daniel (Charles Melton) do an excellent job of bringing their characters to life on screen. They capture their unique personalities and struggles in a way that feels authentic to the book.

Locations: The movie does an excellent job of showcasing New York City as it was described in the book. From the bustling streets to iconic landmarks, it feels like you are right there with Natasha and Daniel as they explore the city.

Pacing: One of the biggest differences between the book and movie is pacing. While the book takes place over one day, the movie condenses events into a tighter timeframe. This can make some moments feel rushed or glossed over in comparison to their counterparts in the book.

Dialogue: Another key difference is dialogue. While much of it is taken directly from the book, some scenes have been rewritten or omitted entirely. This can be disappointing for fans who were looking forward to seeing certain moments on screen.

Overall Impressions

So, is the “The Sun Is Also a Star” movie like the book? In many ways, yes.

The movie captures the heart and soul of the novel and does an excellent job of bringing Natasha and Daniel’s story to life. However, there are some differences in pacing and dialogue that may disappoint fans who were expecting a more faithful adaptation.

If you haven’t read the book, “The Sun Is Also a Star” movie is still an enjoyable watch. It’s a touching story about love, fate, and the power of connections that will leave you feeling inspired.