Is the Star Movie Biblically Accurate?

The Star Movie Biblically Accurate?

If you’re a fan of animated movies, then you’ve probably heard of The Star. This film tells the story of the Nativity from the perspective of some lovable animals.

While it’s a fun and entertaining movie, many people have questioned its accuracy when it comes to the Bible. So, is The Star biblically accurate? Let’s find out.

The Story

The Star follows the journey of a donkey named Bo who dreams of being part of something bigger than himself. He teams up with some other animals to help Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem. There are some creative liberties taken with the story, but overall it stays true to the biblical account.

The Characters

Bo and his friends are all fictional characters created for the movie. However, they do add an element of fun and humor that makes it appealing for kids and adults alike. Mary, Joseph, and other key biblical figures are portrayed accurately in their roles.

The Setting

The Star takes place in ancient Israel during the time of King Herod’s reign. The filmmakers did an excellent job recreating this time period with attention to detail when it came to things like clothing and architecture.

Biblical Accuracy

Overall, The Star stays true to the biblical account but does take some creative liberties in order to make it more accessible for children. Some of these changes include:

  • Adding fictional characters like Bo and his friends
  • Portraying King Herod as more comical than cruel
  • Adding an action-packed escape scene that isn’t mentioned in the Bible

While these changes might bother some purists who prefer a more straightforward telling of the Nativity story, they don’t detract from the overall message of the movie.


In conclusion, The Star is a fun and engaging movie that stays mostly true to the biblical account of the Nativity. While some purists might take issue with some of the creative liberties taken, it doesn’t take away from the overall message of the story. Whether you’re a parent looking for a family-friendly Christmas movie or just a fan of animated films, The Star is definitely worth checking out.