Is the Star Movie About Jesus?

The Star movie is an animated film that was released in 2017. It tells the story of the Nativity of Jesus from the perspective of the animals who were present during his birth. This movie has received mixed reviews, with some people praising it for its unique take on the classic story, while others criticize it for its lack of accuracy.

What is the Star Movie About?

The Star movie follows a donkey named Bo who dreams of becoming a royal steed. One day, he escapes from his owner and meets Mary, who is pregnant with Jesus.

Bo decides to help Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem. Along the way, they encounter other animals who join them on their journey.

When they finally reach Bethlehem, they discover that there is no room at the inn. They end up staying in a stable where Mary gives birth to Jesus. The animals witness this miraculous event and realize that Jesus is special.

Is the Star Movie About Jesus?

Yes, the Star movie is about Jesus. It tells the story of his birth in a unique and entertaining way. However, some people criticize the movie for not being entirely accurate to the biblical account.

For example, in the movie, there are three wise-cracking camels who accompany Bo on his journey. While this may be entertaining for children, it is not a part of the original story. Additionally, some critics argue that certain aspects of Jesus’ birth are glossed over or simplified.

Nevertheless, many people appreciate how this movie presents an innovative retelling of a well-known story that can appeal to both children and adults alike.

The Importance of Accurate Depictions

While it can be fun to see creative retellings like The Star movie or other adaptations like Jesus Christ Superstar or Godspell; it’s essential to remember that these versions may not reflect accurately what actually happened during biblical times.

This does not mean that artistic interpretations are wrong or invalid, but it is important to recognize that they may not be entirely factual. For those seeking a more in-depth understanding of the Nativity story, it is essential to consult the biblical texts.


The Star movie is an entertaining and creative retelling of the Nativity story that features animals as its main characters. While it may not be entirely accurate in its depiction, it still presents an excellent opportunity for families to discuss the meaning of Christmas with children.

It’s essential to remember that while artistic interpretations are enjoyable, they should not replace the importance of understanding the actual biblical text. Nevertheless, The Star movie can serve as a fun and engaging way to introduce young children to this timeless story.