Is the Star Christmas Movie?

If you’re a fan of animated movies, you might have come across The Star. This movie follows the story of a small but brave donkey named Bo who yearns for a life beyond his daily grind at the village mill.

He finally gets his chance when he teams up with Ruth, a lovable sheep, and Dave, a dove with big dreams. Together they follow the Star and become unlikely heroes in the greatest story ever told – the first Christmas.

But is The Star really a Christmas movie Let’s take a closer look.

The Plot

The plot of The Star centers around the events leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ. While it doesn’t focus solely on this event, it does feature it prominently. Bo and his friends ultimately end up in Bethlehem where they witness Mary and Joseph’s journey to find shelter and ultimately give birth to Jesus in a manger.

The Themes

The themes explored in The Star are also heavily tied to Christmas traditions. There’s an emphasis on hope, faith, and miracles – all ideals that are central to the Christian holiday.

The Reception

Despite its clear ties to Christmas, The Star was released in November 2017 – well before the holiday season began. However, it still managed to gross over $62 million worldwide and received generally positive reviews from critics.


So is The Star a Christmas movie While it may not be as iconic as other holiday classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life, it certainly shares many of their qualities. From its plot to its themes to its release date, there’s no denying that this animated flick is firmly rooted in Christmas traditions.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for something new to add to your annual holiday movie marathon lineup, give The Star a chance!