Is the Star a Christmas Movie?

Let’s Investigate!

The Star Movie Overview

The Star is an animated movie released in 2017, which tells the story of the first Christmas through the eyes of animals. The movie follows a donkey named Bo who dreams of a life beyond his daily grind. One day, he breaks free from his routine and embarks on an adventure with his animal friends to become part of the Nativity scene.

What makes a Christmas movie

Before we can determine if The Star is a Christmas movie, let’s first understand what makes a movie a “Christmas movie.” Usually, Christmas movies have some common themes such as love, family, friendship, and the spirit of giving. They are also associated with traditional holiday symbols like snowflakes, mistletoe, or Santa Claus.

The Argument for The Star as a Christmas Movie

The Star has many elements that make it feel like a Christmas movie. It is set during the holiday season and features multiple references to the Nativity story.

The soundtrack features classic songs like “O Holy Night” and “What Child Is This” that are typically associated with Christmas carols.

Moreover, The Star focuses on themes like faith and redemption that align with the spirit of Christmas. It tells an uplifting story about overcoming adversity and finding hope in unlikely places.

The Argument Against The Star as a Christmas Movie

On the other hand, some people argue that The Star isn’t really a true “Christmas” movie since it doesn’t revolve around Santa Claus or other traditional symbols associated with the holiday. Instead, it focuses on retelling the Nativity story from an animal’s perspective.

Furthermore, while there are mentions of Jesus’ birth throughout the film, it isn’t necessarily tied to any specific religious affiliation or denomination. Therefore some viewers may not consider it a Christmas movie.


So, is The Star a Christmas movie It ultimately depends on how you define what makes a movie a “Christmas” movie. While it does feature many elements associated with the holiday season and tells the story of Jesus’ birth, it may not be considered one by some viewers due to its unique storytelling approach.

At the end of the day, whether or not you consider The Star as a Christmas movie shouldn’t detract from its overall message of hope and faith, which are universal themes that can resonate with people of all backgrounds and beliefs.