Is the Social Network a Scary Movie?

The Social Network is a movie that portrays the founding of Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. It was released in 2010 and directed by David Fincher, starring Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg.

The movie received critical acclaim for its direction, writing, and performances. However, many people have debated whether this movie is just a drama or a scary one.

What is The Social Network about

The Social Network is a story about how Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from his college dorm room at Harvard University. He was portrayed as an ambitious young man who wanted to make it big in the tech world. The movie shows how he becomes successful with his innovative idea of creating a social networking platform that connects people all over the world.

Why do some people think it’s scary

While The Social Network is not explicitly a horror movie, some viewers find it to be scary due to its themes and portrayal of Zuckerberg. The movie shows how Zuckerberg’s ambition and obsession with success lead him to betray his friends and business partners. It also depicts how he uses unethical means to become successful.

The Dark Side of Ambition

One of the reasons why some people find The Social Network scary is because it portrays the dark side of ambition. Zuckerberg’s character is depicted as being so focused on achieving success that he doesn’t care about who he hurts along the way. This can be unsettling for viewers who see themselves in him or fear encountering someone like him in real life.

The Betrayal of Trust

Another reason why some people find The Social Network scary is because it shows how quickly trust can be broken when someone becomes too obsessed with their goals. In the movie, Zuckerberg betrays his friends and business partners by stealing their ideas and cutting them out of the company. This can be unnerving for viewers who value trust and loyalty.

The Ethical Implications

The Social Network also raises ethical questions about the use of personal data in social media. Zuckerberg’s obsession with creating a platform that connects people raises concerns about privacy and data protection.

The movie shows how Facebook collects personal information from its users and uses it for advertising purposes. This can be scary for viewers who are concerned about their online privacy.


In conclusion, The Social Network is not a horror movie, but it does have elements that some viewers may find scary. The portrayal of Zuckerberg as an ambitious and cunning person who doesn’t care about others can be unsettling for some people.

However, the movie is also a cautionary tale about the dark side of ambition and the importance of ethical behavior in business. Whether you find it scary or not, The Social Network is definitely a movie worth watching.