Is the Silent Sea a Scary Movie?

The Silent Sea is a South Korean science-fiction thriller series that premiered on Netflix in December 2021. The series has gained immense popularity and has left many viewers wondering if it is a scary movie or not. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why some viewers might perceive it as a scary movie.

The Plot

The Silent Sea is set in the year 2085 when the Earth’s water resources have been depleted, and the survival of humanity depends on finding a new source of water. A team of astronauts is sent on a dangerous mission to retrieve samples from an abandoned research station on the moon that could hold the key to saving humanity.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere of The Silent Sea is dark and ominous, with a constant sense of danger lurking around every corner. The series makes excellent use of sound design, with eerie sound effects and music that heighten the tension in every scene. The claustrophobic setting of the moon base adds to the overall feeling of dread, making viewers feel like they are trapped alongside the characters.

The Themes

The Silent Sea explores several themes, including sacrifice, survival, and betrayal. As the team navigates their way through various obstacles and challenges, they are forced to confront difficult moral dilemmas that test their loyalty and integrity. The series also raises questions about human nature and how far people are willing to go to ensure their own survival.

The Visuals

The visual effects in The Silent Sea are impressive, with stunning shots of space and beautifully designed sets that transport viewers into the futuristic world of 2085. However, some may find certain scenes disturbing or unsettling due to their graphic nature.


In conclusion, whether or not The Silent Sea is a scary movie depends on individual perception. While it may not be classified as a horror movie, the series certainly has its fair share of tense and unsettling moments. The combination of an ominous atmosphere, thought-provoking themes, and impressive visuals make it a must-watch for fans of science-fiction and thrillers alike.