Is the Scream Movie Really Scary?

The Scream movie franchise is undoubtedly one of the most successful horror film series in history. With four movies and a TV series spin-off, it has built a massive following over the years.

But is the Scream movie really scary? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Scream?

Scream is a horror movie series that started in 1996 with its first installment, directed by Wes Craven. The movie follows a group of high school students who are terrorized by a masked killer known as Ghostface. The franchise has since become known for its unique blend of horror and comedy, as well as its meta-commentary on the horror genre itself.

The Scare Factor

When it comes to horror movies, everyone has different thresholds for what they find scary. But even for those who consider themselves hardcore horror fans, Scream can still provide some jumps and scares.

One of the things that makes Scream so effective at scaring its audience is its use of suspense. The movie builds tension throughout, keeping viewers on edge as they wait for the next scare to come. In addition to this, there are several jump scares that are sure to make you jump out of your seat.

The Killers

Another thing that makes Scream so scary is the identity of the killers themselves. Throughout each movie, there are several twists and turns as the identity of Ghostface changes hands. This keeps viewers guessing and adds an extra layer of fear as they try to figure out who’s behind the mask.

Pro-tip: If you’re watching Scream for the first time and want to be surprised by the killer’s identity, avoid reading any spoilers or watching any trailers that give away too much information.

The Meta-Commentary

One of the unique features of Scream is its self-awareness. The movie pokes fun at horror movie tropes and cliches, even as it employs them. This meta-commentary on the genre adds an extra layer of engagement for viewers who are familiar with horror movie history.


So, is the Scream movie really scary? While everyone’s tolerance for fear is different, Scream has certainly earned its place as a classic horror movie franchise.

With its effective use of suspense, jump scares, and unique blend of horror and comedy, it’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re a die-hard horror fan or just looking for a good scare, Scream is definitely worth a watch.

  • Tip: For an even scarier experience, turn off the lights and watch it alone in the dark.