Is the Movie Wish Upon a Star on Disney Plus?

If you’re a fan of classic Disney Channel movies, you might be wondering if the 1996 movie “Wish Upon a Star” is available to watch on Disney Plus. This heartwarming film follows two sisters who magically switch bodies and learn some valuable lessons along the way.

Is “Wish Upon a Star” on Disney Plus?

After doing some research, we’ve unfortunately found that “Wish Upon a Star” is not currently available to stream on Disney Plus. However, there are still plenty of other great movies and TV shows to enjoy on the platform.

What is “Wish Upon a Star” about?

“Wish Upon a Star” tells the story of Alexia and Hayley Wheaton, two sisters with vastly different personalities. Alexia is popular and outgoing, while Hayley is more reserved and studious. One night, they both wish upon the same shooting star to be each other for just one day – but their wish comes true in an unexpected way when they wake up in each other’s bodies!

As they navigate their new lives, each sister learns more about herself and gains a greater appreciation for the other’s struggles. Along the way, they also encounter various obstacles and challenges that test their sisterly bond.

Why should you watch “Wish Upon a Star?”

Although it’s been over 20 years since its release, “Wish Upon a Star” still holds up as an enjoyable family movie with an important message about empathy and understanding. Plus, it’s always fun to revisit old favorites from your childhood!

Where can you watch “Wish Upon a Star?”

If you’re determined to watch “Wish Upon a Star,” there are still some options available. You may be able to rent or purchase it on digital platforms like Amazon Prime Video or iTunes. Alternatively, you could check if it’s available on cable or satellite TV.

The bottom line

While “Wish Upon a Star” may not be on Disney Plus at the moment, there are still plenty of other great movies and TV shows to enjoy on the platform. And if you’re a fan of this classic Disney Channel movie, there are still ways to watch it and experience its heartwarming message about sisterhood and self-discovery.