Is the Movie Veronica Very Scary?

Are you looking for a horror movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Veronica, a Spanish horror film released in 2017, may be just what you’re looking for. Directed by Paco Plaza, the film is said to be based on true events that took place in Madrid in the 1990s.


The story follows Veronica, a teenage girl who attempts to contact her deceased father using a Ouija board during a solar eclipse. However, things take a sinister turn when Veronica and her friends accidentally summon an evil entity.

Scary Factor

Veronica has been touted as one of the scariest movies ever made. While some viewers may not find it terrifying, others have reported being scared out of their wits. The movie has been praised for its use of tension and suspense to create scares rather than relying on jump scares and gore.

The Possession

The possession scenes in Veronica are particularly terrifying. The special effects used to depict the entity that possesses Veronica are incredibly well-done and add to the overall horror of the film.

The Atmosphere

Another element that adds to Veronica’s scariness is its atmosphere. The film takes place almost entirely within Veronica’s apartment building, which creates a sense of claustrophobia and isolation. The cinematography also helps create an eerie atmosphere with its use of shadows and lighting.


So, is Veronica very scary? That ultimately depends on your personal tolerance for horror movies.

However, if you’re a fan of the genre and looking for a chilling experience, then Veronica is definitely worth checking out. Its use of tension and suspense make it stand out from other horror movies and its effective scare tactics will leave you feeling spooked long after the credits roll.

  • Pros: Tense and suspenseful, well-done special effects, great atmosphere
  • Cons: May not be scary for everyone

In conclusion, if you’re in the mood for a spine-chilling horror movie, give Veronica a chance. Just make sure to keep the lights on while watching it!