Is the Movie Veronica Really That Scary?

If you’re a horror movie fan, you’ve probably heard about the Spanish film Veronica which is currently streaming on Netflix. Directed by Paco Plaza, the movie tells the story of a teenage girl who attempts to contact her deceased father through a Ouija board and ends up unleashing an evil force in her home.

But is Veronica really that scary? Let’s break it down.

The Plot

Veronica’s plot is not entirely original. We’ve seen many horror movies where the protagonist summons an evil spirit only to regret it later. However, what sets Veronica apart from other movies in this genre is the way the story unfolds.

The movie takes place in Madrid in 1991 and is based on a true story. The setting and time period add an extra layer of spookiness to the film. The audience gets to witness how technology and communication were different back then, which adds to the overall eerie atmosphere.

The Acting

One of the strongest aspects of Veronica is its cast. Sandra Escacena, who plays the titular character, delivers a powerful performance as a young girl struggling with grief and guilt. Her portrayal of fear and terror feels genuine and makes it easy for viewers to empathize with her character.

The supporting cast also does an excellent job. Bruna González (who plays her younger sister) and Claudia Placer (who plays one of Veronica’s friends) bring their A-game to deliver convincing performances.

The Scares

And now for what everyone wants to know – are the scares in Veronica worth watching?

In short – yes. While there are moments where jump scares are used, most of the horror comes from subtler details like shadows moving on their own or creepy sounds coming from empty rooms.

Paco Plaza is known for his work on [REC], another Spanish horror movie which was praised for its found-footage style. In Veronica, he uses his expertise to create a tense and suspenseful atmosphere without relying solely on cheap jump scares.

The Verdict

Overall, Veronica is definitely worth watching if you’re a fan of horror movies. While it’s not the most original movie in the genre, it’s still a well-executed and genuinely creepy film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’re someone who gets scared easily, you might want to avoid watching this one alone at night. But for everyone else, it’s definitely worth checking out.