Is the Movie Tully Scary?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you might be wondering if Tully, the 2018 comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody, is scary. The answer is no – Tully is not a horror movie.

What is Tully About?

Tully follows the story of Marlo (played by Charlize Theron), a mother of three who is struggling to cope with the daily challenges of motherhood and life in general. With her husband Drew (played by Ron Livingston) working long hours and her son Jonah (played by Asher Miles Fallica) displaying symptoms of autism, Marlo’s life seems to be spiraling out of control.

Enter Tully (played by Mackenzie Davis), a night nanny who comes to Marlo’s aid and helps her navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. As Marlo and Tully grow closer, they begin to discover that they have more in common than they initially thought.

Why Might People Think Tully is Scary?

Despite being classified as a comedy-drama film, some viewers might find certain scenes in Tully unsettling or disturbing. For example, there are scenes that depict Marlo’s struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety, which can be difficult for some viewers to watch.

Additionally, there are certain moments in the film where it seems like something ominous or supernatural might happen – but ultimately these moments are revealed to be nothing more than Marlo’s overactive imagination.

What Elements Make Tully Engaging?

While Tully may not be scary in the traditional sense, it is still an engaging and thought-provoking film that deals with important themes such as motherhood, mental health, and female friendship.

One element that makes Tully stand out is its use of humor – despite dealing with heavy subject matter, the film manages to find moments of levity and warmth that keep the story from feeling too bleak.

Another engaging element of Tully is its strong performances, particularly from Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis. Theron delivers a raw and vulnerable performance as Marlo, while Davis brings an infectious energy to the role of Tully.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a scary movie, Tully is not the film for you. However, if you’re interested in watching a well-crafted drama with excellent performances and important themes, then Tully is definitely worth checking out. With its engaging story and strong characters, Tully is a film that will leave a lasting impression on viewers long after the credits roll.