Is the Movie Trust Scary?

If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, you might have heard of the movie Trust. Directed by David Schwimmer and released in 2010, this movie has garnered mixed reviews from viewers and critics alike.

But the question is – Is the Movie Trust Scary? Let’s dive deep and find out.

Plot Summary

Trust revolves around a teenage girl named Annie Cameron, who falls prey to an online predator posing as a boy her age. The predator gains her trust over months of conversation and eventually convinces her to meet him in person. Things take a dark turn when Annie realizes that the person she thought was her friend is actually a middle-aged man who sexually assaults her.


The movie features some stellar performances by Clive Owen, who plays Annie’s father Will Cameron, and Liana Liberato, who plays Annie. Owen portrays the desperation and helplessness of a father whose daughter has been wronged with utmost sincerity. Liberato, on the other hand, delivers a nuanced performance that captures the vulnerability of a young girl who falls for an online predator’s trap.

Scare Factor

Trust is not your typical horror movie that will make you jump out of your seat with sudden scares. Instead, it is a slow-burning psychological thriller that will make you uncomfortable as it progresses. The movie delves into some dark themes such as sexual assault, deception and grooming that are likely to leave you feeling unsettled.


One of the key themes that Trust explores is how technology has made it easier for predators to Target vulnerable individuals. The movie highlights how easy it is for someone sitting behind a computer screen to manipulate others into doing things they wouldn’t usually do. Additionally, Trust also touches upon themes such as victim-blaming and society’s tendency to overlook cases of sexual abuse.


So, is the movie Trust scary? It certainly has its share of unsettling moments, but it’s not a horror movie in the traditional sense.

Instead, it’s a gripping psychological thriller that explores some dark themes and is likely to leave you feeling uncomfortable. However, if you’re someone who enjoys thought-provoking movies with great performances and a well-written script, Trust is definitely worth a watch.