Is the Movie the Thinning Scary?

The Thinning is a dystopian thriller movie that explores the consequences of overpopulation. The movie is set in a future world where the government has implemented a policy to reduce the population by administering a test to high school students. Those who fail the test are “thinned” and are not allowed to continue their education or live beyond that point.

Plot Summary:
The movie follows two high school students, Blake Redding (played by Logan Paul) and Laina Michaels (played by Peyton List), as they prepare for the thinning test. As they go through the testing process, they begin to unravel a conspiracy within the government that is manipulating the test results for their own gain.

Is The Thinning Scary?
The Thinning is classified as a thriller movie, which means it has elements of suspense and tension throughout. However, it is not a horror movie, so it does not rely on jump scares or gore to create fear in its audience.

That being said, there are some intense scenes in The Thinning that might be disturbing for some viewers. For example, there is a scene where students who have failed the test are rounded up and taken away to be thinned. This scene can be quite unsettling as it shows young people being forcibly taken away from their families and friends.

Another scene that may be disturbing for some viewers involves violence towards animals. In one sequence, we see animals being used as part of the thinning process, which can be difficult to watch for animal lovers.

However, despite these intense scenes, The Thinning does not rely solely on fear or shock value to engage its audience. The movie also has an engaging plot with well-developed characters that keep viewers invested in what happens next.


So while The Thinning does have some scary moments, it’s not necessarily a scary movie in the traditional sense. Instead, it’s a thought-provoking thriller that explores the consequences of overpopulation and the dangers of government control. If you’re a fan of dystopian movies or thrillers, then The Thinning is definitely worth a watch!