Is the Movie the Room Scary?

If you haven’t heard of the cult classic movie “The Room,” then you’re missing out on one of the most bizarre and entertaining films ever made. Written, directed, produced, and starring Tommy Wiseau, “The Room” is a masterpiece of unintentional comedy that has gained a massive following over the years since its release in 2003.

But is “The Room” scary? Let’s take a closer look.

What is “The Room”?

Before we dive into whether or not “The Room” is scary, let’s first discuss what the movie is about. Ostensibly a romantic drama, “The Room” follows the tumultuous relationship between Johnny (played by Wiseau) and his fiancée Lisa (Juliette Danielle). However, the plot quickly devolves into a series of nonsensical subplots involving infidelity, drug use, and other bizarre elements that defy explanation.

The Infamous “Breast Cancer” Scene

One scene in particular has become infamous among fans of “The Room.” In it, Lisa’s mother Claudette drops a bombshell on her daughter: she has breast cancer.

However, this revelation is never mentioned again in the movie and has no bearing on the plot whatsoever. The scene is played completely straight despite its utter randomness and lack of context.

Is “The Room” Scary?

So now we come to the question at hand: is “The Room” scary? The answer is no. While there are certainly moments that could be considered unsettling or uncomfortable (such as Johnny’s outbursts of anger), overall the movie is too absurd to be taken seriously as a horror film.

That being said, there are certainly elements of “The Room” that could be interpreted as creepy or disturbing. Johnny’s obsessive behavior towards Lisa borders on stalker-like at times, and the film’s strange tone and pacing can make it difficult to know how to react to certain scenes. But ultimately, “The Room” is less scary than it is just plain weird.

The Legacy of “The Room”

Despite its lack of scares, “The Room” has become a cultural phenomenon in its own right. Fans of the movie have turned it into an interactive experience, with midnight screenings featuring audience participation, props, and even full-on musical performances. The movie’s bizarre dialogue and performances have become memes in their own right, and Wiseau himself has become a cult icon.


So while “The Room” may not be scary in the traditional sense, it is certainly a unique and entertaining viewing experience. Whether you’re a fan of bad movies or just looking for something completely different, “The Room” is worth checking out at least once. Just don’t expect to be too scared by it.