Is the Movie the Circle Scary?

The Circle is a 2017 movie directed by James Ponsoldt, based on a novel of the same name by Dave Eggers. The film portrays the story of Mae Holland, a young woman who lands a job at The Circle, a tech company that has built an all-encompassing social media platform. As she rises through the ranks, Mae becomes increasingly involved in The Circle’s mission to create a world with complete transparency and surveillance.

Is The Circle Scary?

The question of whether The Circle is scary or not is subjective and depends on individual perspectives. Some viewers may find the movie frightening due to its portrayal of a dystopian world where privacy and personal freedom are compromised. Others may not find it scary but rather thought-provoking and relevant to our current digital age.

The Themes of the Movie

The Circle explores themes such as technology, privacy, surveillance, and ethics. It raises questions about the impact of social media and technology on our lives and how far we are willing to sacrifice our privacy for convenience. These themes are presented in a way that can be unsettling for some viewers.

The Portrayal of Technology

The movie depicts technology as both beneficial and dangerous. On one hand, The Circle’s advancements in technology have led to innovations such as SeeChange cameras that provide real-time surveillance. On the other hand, this same technology can also be used for nefarious purposes, such as invading people’s privacy.

The Dystopian World

The Circle presents a world where companies have unlimited power over people’s lives and decisions. This dystopian portrayal can be scary because it highlights how easily our freedoms can be taken away if we don’t pay attention.

Visual Elements Used in The Circle

The use of visual elements such as lighting, sound effects, camera angles, and color schemes also contribute to the overall mood and atmosphere of the movie.

  • Lighting: The Circle often uses low lighting to create a sense of discomfort and unease.
  • Sound Effects: The movie’s soundtrack is minimalistic, but the use of eerie sound effects is used to enhance suspenseful scenes.
  • Camera Angles: The Circle uses close-up shots to highlight characters’ emotions and reactions. It also uses wide-angle shots to depict the vastness of The Circle’s campus.
  • Color Scheme: The movie’s color palette is muted, with shades of gray and blue, which contributes to the overall feeling of coldness and detachment.

In Conclusion

Whether or not you find The Circle scary depends on your personal preferences. However, it’s safe to say that the movie raises important questions about our relationship with technology and highlights the potential consequences of giving up our privacy for convenience. Its use of visual elements also adds to its overall impact by creating a sense of suspense and unease.