Is the Movie Ma Really Scary?

Ma, a horror-thriller movie, directed by Tate Taylor and released in 2019, has been creating a buzz amongst horror movie fanatics. Starring Octavia Spencer as the titular character, the film revolves around a group of teenagers who befriend Ma and eventually pay a terrible price for it.

But is Ma really that scary? Let’s take a closer look at the movie.

The Plot

The story follows Sue Ann (Spencer), a lonely middle-aged woman, who befriends some high school students and offers them her basement to party. But as the group becomes more reliant on her hospitality, they soon realize that things aren’t quite right with their new friend. Sue Ann’s intentions are far from innocent, and she begins to torment them in twisted ways.

The Horror Elements

Ma is not your typical horror movie with jump scares and supernatural elements. Instead, it leans towards psychological horror that makes you feel uneasy throughout the film. The director creates an unsettling atmosphere by using subtle cues like eerie background music and camera angles that make you feel like someone is watching over your shoulder.

Octavia Spencer’s Performance

One of the highlights of this movie is Octavia Spencer’s brilliant performance as Ma. She brings depth to her character and portrays emotions ranging from loneliness to rage with ease. Spencer’s nuanced acting adds to the unsettling nature of the film as she switches between being friendly and downright creepy in seconds.

The Themes

Ma explores themes such as bullying, trauma, loneliness, and revenge. The film delves into how past traumas can shape one’s future actions and how social isolation can lead to mental health issues.

Is it Really Scary?

While Ma may not be terrifying in terms of jump scares or visual effects, it manages to create a sense of dread that stays with you long after the movie ends. The film’s horror elements are more psychological than physical, making it a unique addition to the horror genre.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a horror movie that’s different from the usual fare, Ma is definitely worth a watch. The film’s unsettling atmosphere, Octavia Spencer’s performance, and exploration of relevant themes make it an engaging and thought-provoking watch.

  • Pros: Unique storyline, great acting, and exploration of relevant themes.
  • Cons: Lack of traditional jump scares may disappoint some horror fans.

In conclusion, Ma is not your typical horror movie but rather a psychological thriller that will leave you feeling uneasy. If you’re a fan of the genre and looking for something different, give this film a chance.