Is the Movie Knowing Scary?

If you’re a fan of science fiction movies, chances are you’ve heard of the 2009 thriller “Knowing,” starring Nicolas Cage. This movie has been a topic of discussion among horror enthusiasts for years, with many debating whether or not it’s actually scary. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the movie and try to answer the question – is “Knowing” scary?

Plot Summary

“Knowing” is a movie about a professor named John Koestler (played by Nicolas Cage) who discovers a piece of paper with seemingly random numbers written on it. As he investigates further, he realizes that these numbers predict major catastrophes that have occurred and will occur in the future.

As John tries to prevent these disasters from happening, he uncovers a disturbing truth about the origin and purpose of these numbers.

The Atmosphere

One of the things that make “Knowing” so effective as a horror movie is its atmosphere. The film is shot in dark and gloomy tones, which create an unsettling feeling throughout the entire movie. The use of sound effects and music also helps to build up tension and suspense.

The Disaster Scenes

The disaster scenes in “Knowing” are particularly frightening. Director Alex Proyas does an excellent job of creating chaos and destruction on screen. From plane crashes to massive explosions, these scenes are intense and graphic.

The Alien Element

Without giving too much away, “Knowing” also introduces an alien element into its storyline. While this may seem like it would detract from the horror aspect of the film, it actually adds another layer of fear.

Is It Scary?

So, is “Knowing” scary? The answer is yes – but only if you’re susceptible to certain types of fears. If you’re afraid of natural disasters or aliens, then this movie will definitely make you feel uneasy.

However, if you’re desensitized to these types of fears, then “Knowing” may not be as scary for you. It’s important to note that the movie is rated PG-13 and doesn’t rely on excessive gore or violence to scare its audience.


In conclusion, “Knowing” is a horror movie that’s worth watching if you’re a fan of the genre. While it may not be the scariest movie out there, it’s definitely one that will leave an impression on you.

The atmosphere, disaster scenes, and alien element all contribute to making this film a memorable one. Whether or not it’s scary ultimately depends on your individual fears and preferences.