Is the Movie Into the Forest Scary?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, then you might be wondering whether the movie Into the Forest is worth watching. Directed by Patricia Rozema and released in 2015, this post-apocalyptic thriller stars Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood as two sisters struggling to survive in a world without technology.

But is it scary? Let’s take a closer look.

Plot Summary

Into the Forest is set in a near-future world where a widespread power outage has plunged society into chaos. The story follows two sisters, Nell and Eva, who live in a remote forest cabin with their father. As the power outage becomes more prolonged and society breaks down, the sisters must learn to survive on their own.

Atmosphere and Tension

One of the strengths of Into the Forest is its ability to create a tense and foreboding atmosphere. From the opening scenes, there’s a sense of unease as we see news reports about blackouts spreading across North America. As the power outage continues, we see how quickly society starts to unravel – stores are looted, gas stations run dry, and people start to panic.

The tension is further heightened by the isolation of the forest setting. With no neighbors or outside help to turn to, Nell and Eva are completely on their own. This creates a sense of claustrophobia as we watch them struggle to survive with limited resources.

Horror Elements

While Into the Forest isn’t strictly a horror movie, it does contain elements that will be familiar to fans of post-apocalyptic thrillers. There are scenes of violence and danger as Nell and Eva face threats from both outside (looters) and within (health issues). There’s also an underlying sense that something truly terrible could happen at any moment – because in this world where there are no rules or consequences left, anything is possible.


So, is Into the Forest scary? While it’s not a traditional horror movie, it does contain elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The tense atmosphere, isolation and danger make for a compelling and thought-provoking thriller. If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic stories or just looking for something a little different, then Into the Forest is definitely worth a watch.