Is the Movie I Care a Lot Scary?

Are you wondering if the movie I Care a Lot is scary or not? Well, the answer is not as straightforward as a simple yes or no.

This movie, directed by J Blakeson and starring Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, and Eiza González, falls under the genre of dark comedy-thriller. It has elements of suspense and tension, but it’s not necessarily a horror film.

The Plot of I Care a Lot

The movie revolves around Marla Grayson (played by Rosamund Pike), a professional legal guardian appointed by the court to take care of elderly adults who cannot take care of themselves. However, Marla’s intentions are far from noble. She is a con artist who preys on vulnerable old people and exploits them for financial gain.

Things take an unexpected turn when she Targets Jennifer Peterson (played by Dianne Wiest), a wealthy retiree with no living relatives. Little does Marla know that Jennifer has some dangerous connections in the criminal world, including Roman Lunyov (played by Peter Dinklage), who is out for revenge against Marla for taking advantage of his mother in the past.

The Scary Elements in I Care a Lot

The movie has several intense scenes that can be unsettling for some viewers. One such scene involves Marla forcibly institutionalizing Jennifer against her will and taking over her assets. There are also moments when Marla’s life is in danger due to her involvement with Roman Lunyov and his associates.

However, what sets this movie apart from traditional horror films is its use of dark humor to lighten the mood. The characters’ actions are so absurd that they become almost comical at times. The witty dialogue and sarcastic one-liners add to the overall entertainment value of the film.


In conclusion, while I Care a Lot may have some scary moments, it’s not a horror film. It falls under the category of a dark comedy-thriller, and its use of humor balances out the intense scenes. If you enjoy watching movies that keep you on the edge of your seat but also make you laugh, then I Care a Lot is definitely worth checking out.

  • Pros: An engaging plot with suspenseful and funny moments.
  • Cons: Some viewers may find certain scenes too intense or disturbing.

So, if you’re looking for a movie that is both thrilling and entertaining, give I Care a Lot a watch. Just be prepared for some unexpected twists and turns along the way!