Is the Movie Evening Star on Netflix?

Are you looking to watch the movie Evening Star on Netflix? Well, we have some news for you. Unfortunately, as of now, Evening Star is not available on Netflix.

What is Evening Star?
Evening Star is a drama film directed by Robert Harling and released in 1996. The movie stars Shirley MacLaine, Bill Paxton, Juliette Lewis, Miranda Richardson, and Marion Ross. This movie is a sequel to the 1983 film “Terms of Endearment.”

The plot of Evening Star revolves around Aurora Greenway (played by Shirley MacLaine), who is dealing with the loss of her daughter Emma (played by Debra Winger). Aurora’s grandson Tommy (played by George Newbern) moves in with her, and she struggles to come to terms with her new role as a caregiver. Meanwhile, Aurora’s best friend Patsy Carpenter (played by Miranda Richardson) faces troubles in her marriage.

Where to watch Evening Star?
Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, Evening Star is not currently available on Netflix. However, you can rent or buy the movie on Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.

In conclusion, if you are looking to watch Evening Star on Netflix, we regret to inform you that it is not available at this time. However, you can still watch it on other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video or iTunes. So grab some popcorn and enjoy this emotional drama!