Is the Last Skywalker the Last Star Wars Movie?

The release of “The Rise of Skywalker” marked the end of the Skywalker saga, leaving many fans wondering if this is truly the end of Star Wars. So, is the Last Skywalker really the last Star Wars movie?

What We Know So Far

After “The Rise of Skywalker,” Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy announced that there are no immediate plans for a new Star Wars movie. However, she did mention that they are exploring different stories and figuring out what’s next for the franchise.

The Future of Star Wars on Disney+

While there may not be any immediate plans for a new Star Wars movie, Disney+ has become a new hub for Star Wars content. The streaming platform has already released two successful live-action series – “The Mandalorian” and “The Bad Batch.”

Upcoming Projects

Although there aren’t any specific details about upcoming projects, Lucasfilm has announced several new series that are in development. The most anticipated one being “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” which will see Ewan McGregor reprise his role as the titular character. Other series in development include “Ahsoka,” “Rangers of the New Republic,” and “Andor.”

Why It’s Unlikely to Be the End

Star Wars is a massive franchise that spans across multiple mediums such as movies, TV shows, books, comics, and video games. With such a vast universe to explore, it’s hard to imagine that we have seen the last of it.

Additionally, Disney paid over $4 billion to acquire Lucasfilm and its properties. It’s safe to say that they won’t be done with Star Wars anytime soon.

The Success of Past Projects

Despite some mixed reactions from fans regarding recent movies like “The Last Jedi” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” overall, Star Wars has been a massive success for Disney. The franchise has grossed over $10 billion at the box office and continues to be a fan favorite.

The Demand for More

The demand for more Star Wars content is evident. The success of “The Mandalorian” and the excitement surrounding upcoming series like “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and “Ahsoka” prove that fans are eager for more stories set in the Star Wars universe.


While the Skywalker saga may be over, it’s unlikely that we have seen the last of Star Wars. With Disney+ becoming a new hub for content and several series in development, it’s clear that Lucasfilm has big plans for the franchise in the future. So, while there may not be any immediate plans for a new movie, fans can rest assured that there will be plenty of new Star Wars content to enjoy in the years to come.