Is the Guilty on Netflix a Scary Movie?

If you’re looking for a thrilling movie to watch on Netflix, you might have come across “The Guilty.” This Danish film has been making waves on the streaming platform, but the question remains – is it a scary movie?

The Plot of “The Guilty”

“The Guilty” tells the story of Asger Holm, a police officer currently working in dispatch. He receives a call from a woman who claims to have been kidnapped by her ex-husband. Asger’s task is to keep the woman on the line and help her until backup arrives.

Asger quickly realizes that there’s more to this situation than meets the eye. He must navigate through various obstacles to uncover the truth behind the kidnapping and save the woman’s life.

The Genre of “The Guilty”

While “The Guilty” has some intense moments, it isn’t necessarily a horror film. Instead, it falls under the genre of thriller or suspense movies. The focus isn’t on jump scares or gore, but rather on building tension and keeping viewers on edge.

Throughout the movie, there’s a sense of urgency as Asger tries to figure out what’s going on and how he can help. The audience is kept guessing along with him, wondering what might happen next.

What Makes “The Guilty” So Engaging?

One of the main reasons why “The Guilty” is such an engaging movie is its unique format. The entire story takes place in one location – Asger’s dispatch center. This limited setting forces both Asger and viewers to rely solely on their senses and imagination.

Additionally, Jacob Cedergren delivers an outstanding performance as Asger Holm. His character is flawed yet relatable, adding depth and complexity to the story.

Final Verdict

While “The Guilty” may not be classified as a scary movie per se, it’s certainly a gripping and suspenseful film. The unique format, combined with a strong performance from Cedergren, makes for an engaging and thrilling experience.

If you’re a fan of suspense movies or psychological thrillers, “The Guilty” is definitely worth checking out on Netflix. So grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and get ready for a heart-pounding ride!

  • Genre: Thriller/Suspense
  • Main Character: Asger Holm
  • Format: One location
  • Performance: Outstanding