Is the Going to Be a New Star Trek Movie?

It’s been a question on the minds of Star Trek fans everywhere: will there be a new Star Trek movie? The franchise has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years, with varying levels of success at the box office. So, what can we expect in the future?


Star Trek first hit the big screen in 1979 with “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.” Since then, there have been 13 feature films that have taken fans on all sorts of adventures with their favorite characters. The most recent installment was “Star Trek Beyond,” which was released in 2016.

The Future of Star Trek Movies

So, what’s next for the franchise? According to reports, there are several projects in the works.

One is a sequel to “Star Trek Beyond,” which would continue the story of Captain Kirk and his crew. Another is an entirely new film that would explore different characters and storylines within the Star Trek universe.

What We Know So Far

Unfortunately, details about these projects are scarce at this point. However, we do know that both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have expressed interest in returning to their roles as Captain Kirk and Spock, respectively. Director Quentin Tarantino has also expressed interest in directing a Star Trek film.

Potential Challenges

Of course, any new Star Trek movie will face certain challenges. One is the fact that the franchise has been around for over 50 years now, so it can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas that haven’t already been explored in some way. Additionally, with so many installments already out there, it can be tough to please everyone when it comes to bringing back beloved characters or introducing new ones.


While we don’t know for sure whether or not there will be a new Star Trek movie, it’s clear that there is interest in continuing the franchise. Fans are eager to see what’s next for their favorite characters and what new stories will be told within the Star Trek universe. As always, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.