Is the Forest Movie Scary?

Are you thinking of watching the movie “The Forest” but wondering if it’s too scary for you? Well, let’s break it down.

What is “The Forest”?

“The Forest” is a horror movie released in 2016 that revolves around a young American woman named Sara Price, played by Natalie Dormer. Sara travels to Japan in search of her twin sister, who has disappeared in the infamous Aokigahara forest.

The forest is known as the “suicide forest” because of its reputation as a common destination for people to end their lives. Sara ventures into the forest with a guide and soon finds herself facing supernatural and terrifying events.

Is it scary?

Yes, “The Forest” is definitely a horror movie that will give you chills and make you jump out of your seat. The movie has a lot of suspenseful moments and eerie music that creates an unsettling atmosphere throughout the film. The use of dark lighting and creepy sound effects keep the audience on edge, wondering what will happen next.

Jump scares

If you’re not a fan of jump scares, then this movie might not be for you. “The Forest” has several scenes where something suddenly appears on screen accompanied by a loud noise to startle the viewer. These moments are designed to make your heart race and catch you off guard.

Tension building

Apart from jump scares, “The Forest” also builds tension slowly through its plot. You’ll find yourself anticipating what comes next as events unfold at an unhurried pace. This slow build-up can be particularly unnerving as it keeps you waiting for something terrible to happen.

The Verdict

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a horror movie that will give you goosebumps and make your heart race, then “The Forest” is definitely worth watching. However, if you’re someone who is easily scared or doesn’t enjoy horror movies, you might want to skip this one. With its suspenseful plot, jump scares, and eerie atmosphere, “The Forest” is a movie that horror enthusiasts will enjoy.