Is the Dora Movie Scary?

Have you been curious about the new Dora movie and whether or not it’s too scary for young children? Well, you’re not alone.

As a parent or guardian, it’s important to know what kind of content your child will be exposed to before taking them to see a movie. Here’s what you need to know about the Dora movie:

Plot Summary:

The live-action Dora movie follows the beloved character as she embarks on a new adventure with her friends. This time, she’s a teenager attending high school in the city while still maintaining her love for exploring and learning about different cultures. Along with her classmates and a few familiar faces from the animated series, she sets out on a mission to save her parents and uncover an ancient lost city.

Is it Scary?

As far as scary content goes, the Dora movie is relatively mild. There are some suspenseful moments and chase scenes, but nothing that should cause too much distress for young viewers. There are no jump scares or intense violence, and the overall tone of the movie is upbeat and adventurous.

Sensory Overload:

While there may not be anything inherently scary in the film, some children may feel overwhelmed by the sensory experience. The bright colors, loud sound effects, and fast-paced action could potentially be overstimulating for kids who are sensitive to these things. If your child has sensory processing issues or anxiety around loud noises or busy environments, you may want to approach this movie with caution.

Age Recommendation:

The Dora movie is rated PG for “action and some impolite humor,” which seems like an appropriate rating based on its content. Common Sense Media recommends it for ages 7+ due to its mild violence and suspenseful scenes. Ultimately, every child is different when it comes to what they can handle, so it’s up to you as the adult to determine whether or not this movie is appropriate for your child.


Overall, the Dora movie is a fun and lighthearted adventure that should be enjoyable for children and adults alike. While there are some potentially overwhelming elements, there’s nothing particularly scary or inappropriate for young viewers. As always, it’s important to gauge your child’s individual sensitivities and make a decision based on what you feel is best for them.