Is Surface Studio Good for Video Editing?

Are you a video editor looking for the perfect tool to enhance your creativity? Look no further than the Microsoft Surface Studio. This all-in-one computer is designed to provide an immersive experience for video editing, making it an excellent option for professionals and hobbyists alike.

What makes the Surface Studio a great choice for video editing?

The Surface Studio boasts a stunning 28-inch PixelSense display, which is incredibly responsive to touch and pen input. With a resolution of 4500 x 3000 pixels, this display offers stunning visuals that bring your videos to life. The color accuracy is also impressive, with support for over a billion colors.

One of the standout features of the Surface Studio is its ability to function as both a traditional desktop and a drawing tablet. This versatility allows video editors to take full advantage of touch and pen input while still having access to classic keyboard and mouse controls.

The Surface Studio also has an impressive internal hardware setup. The base model comes equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive. However, users can upgrade these specifications up to an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, and up to 2TB of storage.

What software can I use on the Surface Studio?

The Surface Studio runs on Windows 10 Pro, which means that it can run all of your favorite video editing software programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X.

Additionally, Microsoft has developed its own software suite specifically for creative professionals called the Microsoft Surface Studio Creative Tools. This suite includes apps like Sketchable (a digital sketchbook), Mental Canvas (a 3D drawing app), and Drawboard PDF (a PDF markup tool).

What are some other features that make the Surface Studio stand out?

The Surface Studio’s ergonomic design is perfect for long editing sessions. The display can be adjusted to a 20-degree angle, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. Additionally, the Surface Studio comes with a Surface Dial, which provides quick access to common editing tools and functions.

The Surface Studio’s built-in speakers are also impressive, providing clear and rich audio that is well-suited for video editing. The device also has a variety of ports, including four USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, and an Ethernet port.


In conclusion, the Microsoft Surface Studio is an excellent option for video editing. With its stunning display, versatile design, powerful hardware specs, and compatibility with popular software programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X, this all-in-one computer is perfect for creative professionals who demand the best tools to bring their vision to life.