Is Stephen King’s It Scary Movie?

Are you looking for a horror movie that will send chills down your spine? One of the most popular horror movies of all time is Stephen King’s It.

But is it really scary? Let’s dive into the world of this classic thriller and find out.

What is Stephen King’s It?

Stephen King’s It is a 1990 TV miniseries based on the novel by Stephen King. The story revolves around a group of friends, known as the “Losers Club,” who are terrorized by an evil entity that takes on the form of a clown named Pennywise. The movie jumps back and forth between their childhood and adulthood, as they try to defeat Pennywise once and for all.

Is It Scary?

The answer to this question is subjective, as what one person finds scary may not be scary to another. However, there are several factors that make Stephen King’s It a particularly frightening movie.

The Villain

Pennywise the clown is one of the most iconic villains in horror movie history. He preys on children and uses their fears against them, which makes him especially terrifying. The way he moves and speaks is also unsettling, with his high-pitched voice and jerky movements.

The Gore

Stephen King’s It doesn’t rely heavily on gore, but there are some disturbing scenes that may make viewers uncomfortable. For example, Pennywise rips off a character’s arm in one scene, which is both shocking and gruesome.

The Atmosphere

The setting of Stephen King’s It is also incredibly creepy. The small town where the Losers Club lives seems idyllic at first glance, but there are dark secrets lurking beneath the surface. The use of shadows and lighting add to the overall sense of unease throughout the movie.


In conclusion, Stephen King’s It is definitely a scary movie. From the terrifying villain to the unsettling atmosphere, it has all the elements that make a horror movie truly frightening.

If you’re a fan of horror movies and haven’t seen Stephen King’s It yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. But be warned: you may want to sleep with the lights on afterwards!