Is Star Trek Beyond the Final Movie?

Star Trek Beyond was released in 2016 to mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Some hailed it as a return to form for the beloved sci-fi franchise, while others criticized it for lacking the depth and substance of previous entries. But regardless of its reception, one question lingers: is Star Trek Beyond the final movie in the series?

What We Know So Far

At this point, there has been no official announcement regarding the future of the Star Trek movie franchise. However, there are some clues that suggest that Star Trek Beyond may indeed be the end of the line.

For one thing, there have been several behind-the-scenes issues that have plagued the franchise over the past few years. Director J.J. Abrams, who helmed both 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness, left to direct Star Wars: The Force Awakens and has not returned since.

Meanwhile, several potential directors for a fourth film have come and gone, including S. Clarkson and Quentin Tarantino.

Additionally, actor Chris Pine – who plays Captain James T. Kirk in the rebooted series – recently stated that he has not heard anything about another movie happening anytime soon. “I don’t know what’s happening with it,” he said in an interview with

The Future of Star Trek

While all signs suggest that Star Trek Beyond may be the final movie in this particular iteration of the franchise, fans need not despair just yet. CBS All Access’ streaming series Star Trek: Discovery has been a critical and commercial success since its debut in 2017, and a third season is currently in production.

Additionally, there are rumors that Paramount Pictures – which owns the film rights to Star Trek – is planning on rebooting the series yet again with an entirely new cast and crew. While this has not been confirmed by any official sources, it’s not hard to imagine the studio wanting to keep the franchise alive and relevant for years to come.


In the end, whether or not Star Trek Beyond is truly the final movie in the franchise remains to be seen. There are certainly indications that this may be the case, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Regardless, fans can take comfort in the fact that Star Trek will continue to live on in other forms – whether that be through television series, movies, or other media.

As always, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any news or developments regarding the future of Star Trek. Until then, live long and prosper!