Is Spiral Saw Movie Scary?

The Spiral Saw movie has been the talk of the town since its release. Horror fans are eager to know whether this movie is worth watching or not. If you’re one of them, then keep reading as we delve deeper into what makes this movie scary.

What is Spiral Saw Movie?

Spiral Saw is a horror-thriller movie released in 2021. The movie follows a detective who investigates a series of gruesome murders that are reminiscent of the Jigsaw killer’s modus operandi. The story is set in the same universe as the original Saw franchise, but it’s not a direct sequel or a remake.

The Cast

The cast of Spiral Saw includes some big names such as Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, and Max Minghella. Chris Rock plays the lead role of Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks, who leads the investigation into the murders. Samuel L. Jackson plays his father Marcus Banks, who is also a police veteran.

Is it Scary?

The answer to this question depends on your tolerance for gore and violence. If you’re a fan of horror movies and don’t mind seeing blood and guts on screen, then Spiral Saw will definitely scare you. The movie has some intense and gory scenes that will make you cringe.

The Gore Factor

Spiral Saw doesn’t shy away from showing gruesome deaths on screen. The traps are creative and deadly, which makes them more terrifying. There are scenes where characters have to saw their own limbs to escape from traps or face death.

The Suspense Factor

Apart from the gore factor, Spiral Saw also has some suspenseful moments that will keep you on edge throughout the movie. The identity of the killer is kept hidden until the end, which adds to the mystery and suspense.


Overall, Spiral Saw is a movie that horror fans should not miss. It has all the elements of a classic horror movie, including gore, suspense, and jump scares. However, if you’re not a fan of gory movies, then you might want to skip this one.