Is Silent Night a Scary Movie?

Silent Night is a 2012 horror movie that is known for its intense storyline and terrifying scenes. The movie revolves around a small town that becomes the Target of a killer dressed as Santa Claus.

Many people have debated whether Silent Night is a scary movie or not. In this article, we will take a closer look at the film and determine whether it truly lives up to its reputation as a horror classic.

Plot Summary

Silent Night takes place in the fictional town of Cryer, Wisconsin, where an annual Santa Claus parade is taking place. However, this year’s parade takes a dark turn when a masked killer dressed as Santa Claus begins murdering people in the town. As the body count rises and the killer’s true identity remains unknown, it’s up to Sheriff Cooper (played by Malcolm McDowell) to track down the murderer and put an end to their reign of terror.

The Horror Elements

Silent Night certainly has all of the elements of a classic horror movie. There are plenty of jump scares, graphic violence, and suspenseful sequences that keep viewers on edge throughout the film. The killer’s Santa Claus outfit adds an extra layer of creepiness to the proceedings, making it hard not to feel unnerved whenever he appears on screen.

However, despite these horror elements, some viewers have argued that Silent Night isn’t actually that scary. While there are certainly plenty of tense moments throughout the film, some have criticized its reliance on gore and violence rather than psychological horror or suspense.

The Verdict

So, is Silent Night truly a scary movie? The answer ultimately depends on your own personal preferences when it comes to horror films. If you enjoy gore and violence and don’t mind sacrificing psychological depth for thrilling set pieces, then you’ll likely find Silent Night to be quite effective.

However, if you prefer more subtle scares or are looking for a horror movie with deeper psychological themes, then Silent Night may not be the film for you. While it certainly has its moments of terror, it’s not necessarily a horror classic in the same vein as films like The Shining or Psycho.


In conclusion, whether or not Silent Night is a scary movie is ultimately up to interpretation. While it certainly has its share of jump scares and intense moments, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to horror films. Regardless of your personal opinion, however, there’s no denying that Silent Night is a well-made movie that delivers plenty of thrills and chills for those willing to give it a chance.