Is Shattered a Scary Movie?

Shattered is a psychological thriller released in 2007. It stars Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler, and Maria Bello in lead roles.

The movie revolves around the life of a happily married couple Neil (Pierce Brosnan) and Abby (Maria Bello), who face a tragic incident that changes their lives forever. The film poses an intriguing question – Is Shattered a Scary Movie? Let’s dive deeper into the plot and see if it deserves to be called a scary movie.


The story begins with Neil and Abby enjoying their happy life with their daughter Sophie. However, things take an unexpected turn when they face a car accident that leaves Abby in critical condition with memory loss.

As Neil tries to help his wife recover, he discovers that things are not as they seem. He soon finds out that his wife’s amnesia is hiding something much more sinister.


Shattered is a movie that builds tension gradually, leaving the audience on edge throughout the story. The film uses various techniques to create suspense, such as sudden sound effects, unexpected twists in the plot, and ominous music score.

Intense Acting

Pierce Brosnan and Maria Bello deliver powerful performances in Shattered. Brosnan portrays Neil’s character with conviction, showing his desperation to uncover the truth behind his wife’s amnesia. Bello brings out the vulnerability of Abby’s character flawlessly as she tries to piece together her past.

Psychological Thriller

Shattered is undoubtedly more of a psychological thriller than a horror movie. The film delves deep into the human psyche, showing how far someone can go to protect their secrets. The story is intense and keeps you guessing till the end.


In conclusion, Shattered may not be your typical horror movie, but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to psychological thrillers. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys films that keep you on the edge of your seat. So, if you’re in the mood for a gripping mystery that will keep you guessing till the end, Shattered is definitely worth checking out!