Is Selfless a Scary Movie?

When it comes to horror movies, there are a lot of factors that make them scary. From jump scares to gore, the genre has a lot of tools in its arsenal.

But what about movies that aren’t necessarily marketed as horror films? Take the 2019 movie Selfless, for example. The film is often categorized as a sci-fi thriller, but does it have enough scares to qualify as a horror movie?

First, let’s talk about the premise of Selfless. The movie centers around a wealthy man named Damian (played by Ben Kingsley) who is dying of cancer.

In an effort to cheat death, he undergoes a radical medical procedure that transfers his consciousness into the body of a young man named Edward (played by Ryan Reynolds). At first, Damian revels in his new lease on life – but he soon discovers that his new body has some dark secrets.

So, is Selfless a scary movie? The answer is complicated. While there are certainly elements of horror present in the film, it doesn’t quite reach the level of outright terror that many horror fans crave.

One element that contributes to the film’s scariness is its use of body horror. Body horror is a subgenre of horror that focuses on physical transformations and deformities – think The Fly or David Cronenberg’s early work.

Selfless definitely dips into this territory with its central premise: Damian’s consciousness being transplanted into another person’s body. As Damian begins to experience strange visions and flashbacks from Edward’s life, we see his mental state deteriorate – and there are moments where this leads to some truly unsettling imagery.

Another factor that makes Selfless somewhat scary is its exploration of identity and control. As Damian becomes more aware of Edward’s past and personality traits, he begins to question who he really is – and whether he has any right to be living in this body at all. There are some tense scenes where Damian grapples with this newfound knowledge, and it’s clear that he’s not entirely in control of his own mind and body.

That being said, there are also many aspects of Selfless that don’t quite fit into the horror mold. For one, the film is very focused on action and suspense – there are plenty of chase scenes and close calls that keep the tension high.

Additionally, there’s a definite sci-fi element to the story that dominates much of the plot. While this can be unsettling at times (especially when we see just how far the medical technology in the film has progressed), it doesn’t necessarily qualify as horror.

In conclusion, whether or not Selfless is a scary movie largely depends on one’s personal definition of “scary.” While there are certainly elements of horror present in the film – particularly its use of body horror and exploration of identity – it’s ultimately more of a sci-fi thriller than anything else. If you’re looking for a straight-up horror movie, you may be disappointed by Selfless – but if you’re open to a genre-bending tale with some tense moments, it’s definitely worth checking out.