Is Scary Movie Series Good?

Scary movies have been a popular genre for many years. One of the most well-known series in this genre is the “Scary Movie” series.

Created by the Wayans brothers, this parody series has gained a cult following over the years. But is it actually good? Let’s take a closer look.

The Premise

The “Scary Movie” series is a spoof of popular horror movies. The first film in the series was released in 2000 and parodied films like “Scream” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. The subsequent films in the series continued to parody popular horror movies that were released around that time.

The Humor

The humor in the “Scary Movie” series is very hit or miss. Some people find it hilarious, while others find it cringe-worthy. The humor typically relies on crude jokes, sexual innuendos, and pop culture references.


One of the biggest pros of the “Scary Movie” series is its ability to poke fun at popular horror movie tropes. It’s a great way to laugh at some of the more ridiculous aspects of certain horror movies.

Another pro is that the films don’t take themselves too seriously. They know they’re silly and embrace it.


One of the biggest cons of the “Scary Movie” series is that some of the humor hasn’t aged well. Jokes that may have been funny in 2000 may not be as funny or appropriate now.

Additionally, some people may find some of the humor offensive or insensitive.


So, is the “Scary Movie” series good? It really depends on personal taste.

If you enjoy crude humor and are familiar with popular horror movies from around 2000, you’ll probably find the series entertaining. However, if you’re easily offended or don’t enjoy that type of humor, you may want to steer clear.


In conclusion, the “Scary Movie” series is a mixed bag. It has its pros and cons, but ultimately it comes down to personal taste.

If you’re a fan of parodies and crude humor, it’s definitely worth checking out. But if that’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other horror movies out there to enjoy instead.